cracked screenRight now the universe seems determined to separate me from the keyboard; in December, only 4 days after successfully completing 50K words to win Nanowrimo, my laptop (an infant of only six month age, sir) slipped from my hand as I packed for work and fell two foot to the linoleum.

Result – one unusably cracked screen and tears before the cocktail hour.

It’s been packed off to Germany, to what I fondly imagine to be an old toymaker’s workshop nestled under snow-covered pines, to be repaired or replaced, leaving me to beg an old and only slightly decrepit Dell from my workplace. (This is justified; I am frequently required to work from home at short notice, as was the case only a few days later when I woke to find myself snowed into my mother’s tiny house in Mid Wales.)
A month later my phone went one better and died. Just fluttered its eyelids one last time and expired, lying sad and silent on the floor of its cage as the rain fell in the pre-dawn darkness.

Hear me, ye gods! [shakes fist at a thunderous sky] Ye shall not succeed! Words, the best words, will find a way into some kind of order in some kind of digital form, come rain, shine, snow or leaves on the line.


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